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Sendero Where the Road Ends Hat

Sendero Where the Road Ends Hat


To the right person, there’s nothing quite like a trusty adventure vehicle. Mud and dirt on the outside, weird smells on the inside, the overland truck is something only a mother could love. Plenty of 4x4 trucks and jeeps have jagged scratches down the side, what overlanders proudly refer to as “desert pinstriping.” Most of the time, the backpacking gear inside an adventure mobile is worth far more than the vehicle itself. Regardless of monetary value, adventure rigs remain excessively beloved by their drivers. Why? Because where the road ends, the adventure begins.

·         Cotton Canvas

·         Screen Printed Patch

·         Pop-Up Mesh Mid-Profile 5 Panel

·         Snapback

·         Easy Curve Visor

·         Paracord Rope

·         Rear Agave Tag

·         Classic Sendero Label