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Trail Butter


The Lil' Squeeze sports a tapered neck for ease of consumption while on-the-go! Enjoy this healthy treat on its own or squeeze over apple wedges, oatmeal or an energy bar for a protein-rich, nutrition boost. Winter-friendly! Squeezable at low temperatures!

- Dark Chocolate and Coffee Almond Butter Blend: Rich, decadent flavors of dark chocolate and coffee collide to create this bold, lightly caffeinated almond butter blend that is sure to both please and energize for the long haul. 

- Maple Syrup and Sea Salt Almond Cashew Butter Blend: Silky-smooth almond, cashew butter, plus a drizzle of real maple syrup and a healthy pinch of sea salt equals a match made in taste bud heaven.

- Salted Brownie Peanut Butter Blend: Brownie batter anyone?! With its classic brownie ingredients like dark chocolate and vanilla, Salted Brownie is a little like that, just a whole lot better! Roasted peanuts and an extra pinch of sea salt are swirled in to create nothing less than peanut butter perfection.