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Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press

Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press


Jetboil’s coffee press with a silicone ring guarantees the best brew in the backcountry or steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. This size coffee press is compatible with Jetboil Flash, MicroMo and Zip, along with 1L tall and .8L spare cups.
  • Resistant silicone ring provides secure fit to eliminate cowboy coffee by keeping excess grounds from escaping during plunging process
  • Durable, high-temperature plastic and micro-filter reduces sediment in the pot and provides smooth, rich flavor
  • Stem detaches from the basket and easily stow in your cup
  • Dimensions: 3.7in x 5.9in
  • Weight: 0.8 oz