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  1. Black Diamond Rocklock Carabiner

  2. ABC D Screwgate Carabiner

  3. Black Diamond - Hotwire Anodized Carabiner

  4. Magnetron VaporLock Carabiner

  5. 12cm

    Black Diamond PosiWire Quickdraw

    A super-versatile draw with a snag-free Positron keylock carabiner on top and Hotwire wiregate on bottom

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  6. Posiwire Quickpack

    Posiwire Quickpack

    The Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack gives you six of our PosiWire quickdraws that combine the smooth clipping and cleaning of the Positron carabiner with the light weight and multi-purpose function of our HotWire carabiner.

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  7. ABC D Non-Locking Carabiner

  8. ABC Oval Carabiner

8 Item(s)

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